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  • Quan Ba Heave Gate - The Majestic Places - Ha Giang Trekking Tours

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    1. When talking about Ha Giang travel, people often think immediately about the location where has a majestic rocky plateau with rolling mountains. And coming to Ha Giang city, you bướng not miss quan tiền đay nghiến Heaven Gate, where you gàn estimate touch the sky.

      Quan Ba Heave Gate - The Majestic Places

      quan liêu thầy giáo Heaven Gate is distant from Ha Giang about 46 km to the North, it is also the first gateway into trương kêu Plateau. The Heaven Gate is located on the highest point of the pass from Ha Giang lớn quan liêu đay đả. After the gate is "the Cat people's autonomous lands" consists of 4 districts quan liêu phụ thân, giương kêu, Meo Vac, and Yen Minh. In 1939, the French build a huge wooden door (150 cm thick) in right here, today the door disappeared, instead is the inscription plaque in both Vietnamese and English: quan tiền nghiêm phụ Heaven Gate. If you want to come up the haven gate, you must pass through the dangerous road with a side of escarpments, another side of the cliff. The main heaven gate is also the beginning of “Happiness road”. The higher you go, the more majestic and beautiful you will see.


      If you want to admire the heaven gate, you have lớn add a few dozen more steps on the road to the top of the gate. This is considered an ideal location lớn be able lớn see the fullest scenery of giương Van Plateau. In the front is a large valley with rolling fields, with the yellow color of rice, the brown color of the ground, also the roof of the ethnic’s village. The highlight of the scenery is quan tiền kiền Twin Mountain (also known as “Co Tien mountain”). You have the chance lớn enjoy the art of nature offer lớn this destination. Between the rocky and terraces is the mountains with a strange form which will make you flabbergast. That's two mountain looks like the peach fruit which are related to a very interesting “Co Tien Mountain” fairy.

      Passing through heaven gate, you officially set foot on the rock plateau, where many scientists in the world nằm mơ that it is still too many unknowns. From here, when you hike about a day, you'll set foot lớn Lung chim flag pole - the northernmost point of the country, trướng Van Plateau, Meo King’s palace... You bướng continue the journey lớn conquer with many exciting experiences.

      Ha Giang Travel

      Cool temperatures, spectacular nature, behind the Quan thầy Heaven Gate is an incredible peace, life is very peaceful, people live harmoniously with nature, all make this place become the legendary land.

      The quan lại giáo viên Heaven Gate, the name at first listening is very attractive, urging you lớn come lớn Ha Giang lớn find "the cloud road lớn go to the heaven gate". Quan phụ thân Heaven Gate and Quan nghiêm đường Twin Mountain are two destinations to discover and experience when traveling in Ha Giang rocky plateau. Certainly, with the wild forest, the beauty of the mountain and fresh air will bring lớn you wonderful moments and the most comfortable.

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